The Police Athletic League (PAL) offers boys and girls city-wide, year-round and seasonal, sports programs, after school eduational programs and summer camps.

Here's What's Happening

  • The Davie PAL is proud to introduce our new S.T.E.M. program this year. We are proudly using the Lego WEDO system for ages 7 and up Lego Mindstorms for 10 year olds and up.


    LEGO® Education provides a tiered curriculum of rich content that is both relevant to students' everyday lives and adaptable for teachers.  The content has been created by a development team of educators and education experts and is relevant from preschool through to middle school.  Designed to stimulate a lifelong love of learning, LEGO Education offers resources to help teach science, engineering, math, language arts, literacy and social studies.



    With LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education students can build robots and use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions from a variety of real life robotic behaviors. They gather and analyze data from sensors using data logging functionalities such as graph view. Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to a classroom. Our program is one day a week for 8 weeks, with each class consisting of an hour long lesson plan. Each class will be instructional, hands on, learning based material with problem solving skills.

    Wedo Mindstorms
    1 Session = 8 classes 1 Session = 8 classes
    45 minutes long 1 hour long
    1 class a week 1 class a week
    Cost= $40.00 Cost= $50.00




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