Davie PAL is dependent upon a caring community of donors and volunteers. They are our greatest advocates, and they assure that resources are adequate to meet the needs of our programs.


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Coming soon: online volunteer application and registration.

Volunteer Opportunities

Give Your Time & Your Talent

  • A Volunteer Application must be completed for an applicant to be considered to volunteer at the Town of Davie Police Department or Police Athletic League. Please answer each question. If the question does not apply, indicate N/A. If the space available is insufficient, please attach additional sheets as required. Please PRINT CLEARLY in ink or TYPE all information. Your social security number and date of birth is requested for the purpose of conducting a background screening and will be used solely for this purpose.

  • Mentoring has proven to be of the most successful ways to plant seeds of positive change in the lives and actions of disadvantaged youth. Mentoring can take place in a one-on-one, team, or group setting. 


    The Mentoring program is looking for eligible youth who want to learn and grow from the assistance of a Mentor. Please fill out the registration form and give it to one of our helpful staff.


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